Nostalgic and erotic education

Details campaigns focused on the young population on sex education and STI prevention are not accomplishing the prepared goals. Info is a necessary element, however not enough to trigger changes and customize attitudes and habits in relationships.

It is essential to deal with other elements, and one of them would be to connect with one’s own desires, one’s own eroticism, determining what is pleasing and what causes pain, to attend to the keys that permit changes and strategies that help with well-being management.

Sex education assists in a procedure of reflection, exploration and management of desires, erotica and in the own wellness. Nostalgic and sexual education checks out the senses and the feelings and awareness that they generate.

The relationships we establish with the world, with things and with the people around us are mediated by the senses, which pervade social relationships. The autobiographical and sexing procedure will configure a model of being and a way of being with our modes, nuances and peculiarities. Therefore, our experiences, our sexuality and our eroticism will be carefully related to the sensations experienced in our life cycle.

An improvement in the experience of eroticism will produce an experience of our senses and emotions with a less genitalized vision of sexuality and comprehending the body as a space and type of relationship and interaction. Nostalgic and erotic education influences by doing this of exploring and understanding pleasure and relationships in our individual interaction settings.

In this approach to working through emotions, it is intended to open an exploration procedure to understand one’s own desires and reveal them through the body and emotions, exploring what it is that makes us feel in one way or another and discovering what they are. the keys to manage it. Educate in emotions, feelings, in our relationship with others and with ourselves and, eventually, learn to understand and reveal ourselves.

Know the language of our body and how to relate, find out to manage relationships to deal with situations of psychological and affective reliance, stimulate creativity and the creativity as a space for relationships, consolidate a sexual identity without stereotypes, would be other aspects to deal with. from this approach.

The methodology to technique sensual and nostalgic education needs to be open, playful and flexible from the private and the little group, developing an area that motivates expression in a complimentary and creative method. Getting debate and reflection about the ways to handle our well-being from the everyday. Literature, art, music, … as links for the exploration of sensations and emotions that allow us from creativity to stimulate, recreate, picture …

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